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Medicolegal Neurologist, London 

Dr Evangelia Theochari offers her expert knowledge in medicolegal matters, specialising in a wide range of neurological disorders and symptoms. Her areas of expertise encompass general neurology, traumatic brain injury, as well as disorders of and injuries to the central and peripheral nervous system.

With formal medico-legal training accredited by Bond Solon, Dr Theochari brings a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between neurology and legal proceedings. She has a proven track record of producing thorough and accurate medicolegal reports. 

For enquiries about medicolegal reports or to request Dr Theochari‚Äôs expertise as a medicolegal neurologist, please contact: 

Email: [email protected] 

Dr Theochari’s dedication to excellence and her in-depth understanding of medicolegal matters make her a valuable asset to any legal team seeking specialised neurological expertise.

Choose Dr Evangelia Theochari for expert neurological medicolegal services.

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